Dear colleagues,

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to make several decisions regarding the events of SHAIO in this year 2020. Following the path of many associations and scientific societies, we are leaping online activities this year, which will replace any face-to-face event of the association. That is why we present the 7th Permanent Workshop in its “Webinars” edition.

From June and throughout the year, we will propose the realization of a series of online conferences. Different researchers, directly linked to input-output analysis, present their latest contributions related to the pandemic, as well as their views on how this tool can be handy in the development of impact analysis of the COVID-19 at a global level.

All SHAIO members are invited to the sessions, which will have an expository format of about 45 minutes, followed by a question and debate round with the speakers. Besides, all those other researchers interested in the theme of the workshop will have the opportunity to participate in the events.

With this online event, we intend to maintain the very fruitful exchange of research and ideas that we have been sharing in recent years at SHAIO events. We want to continue to be active in this year of the pandemic; we want to keep motivating all input-output researchers to try to respond with our tools to the economic, social, and environmental challenges in which we are immersed.

This time, we invite you to see us on the web, through a screen, but with the same desire to share and learn from each other.


The SHAIO council members